Jul 20, 2010


Yesterday’s event of the night was an Mttm/Shamele$$ Management party at Santo’s party house. With Angela Yee as the host and Dj. N.I.R.E on the turntables, the night was definitely a blast. Before the show even started, people in the crowd were vibing hard as hell with drinks in their hand as Dj. N.I.R.E went in with a mix of classic hip-hop and current flava. Once the mood was right, Jasmine Solano rocked the stage with her song "That's Not It" and following her was a set from Team Facelift. Team Facelift amped the crowd up with their wild and crazy stage antics but the energy, without doubt, got the crowd ready for the main performance. When Curren$y came out, it was clear his stage presence was laid back but somehow, still grabbing. As he closed the night out by performing a few of his tracks, just looking in the audience, it was clear that onlookers and fans were satisfied.

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