Nov 12, 2010


On November 11, 2010, the Los Angeles based artist, Alec Monopoly, held the opening reception for his NYC debut exhibit, “Alec Past Go”. Alec’s style, talent, and versatility is incomparable and it separates him from any other ordinary street artist. Although he hails from LA, his work is rampantly being introduced to the streets of New York in the form of wheat pasting and spray painting. But the message he brings, his approach, the way he doesn’t hesitate to attack the controversial issues that have substance and relevance to so many, is absolutely remarkable. Utilizing characters that the world is familiar with, such as the Monopoly Guy, Bob Dylan, Jack Nickelson, and Twiggy, Alec’s art effectively illustrates the changes that are occurring in corporate America, politics, healthcare, and the economy. In his debut exhibit, primarily through larger paintings on canvas and a few pieces on a smaller scale, Alec gave the public the opportunity to gain more insight on his views, his passion, and his work. Not to mention, when the doors officially opened at 3:00 pm, the first 250 individuals were given a free hand finished print! Anyone who is interested in any form of art should check out this exhibit. It will be up for the next eleven days, so definitely show your support, you will not be disappointed!

300 w.22nd nyc 10011


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