Dec 5, 2010


Who would think that an ordinary street sign, one that is seen and many times overlooked or blatantly ignored, could be transformed into art? Can you imagine the intricacy, the type of imagination and the skill that would be needed to create art from something so simple? Well, Denver based artist Dunn, who is also known as the “Signtologist” is responsible for just that. He was formerly known as the “Street Sign Artist” but five years ago the artist “Black Thought” from the Roots named him the Signtologist and with good reason that name has stuck. Dunn has set himself apart from the crowd by using ordinary streets signs as a canvas to paint popular artists ranging from the hip-hop scene to the sports world. His innovative approach to street art has not only sparked the interest of artists in his hometown but it has also grabbed the attention of celebrities such as Rakim, Pharrell, and Spike Lee, various websites, and the major magazine XXL .Over the years he has grown as an artist and his work can also be found in various clothing stores, sold online, at an array of art shows and events and on television. His images can be found on stickers, t-shirts, candles and the list goes on. The dope thing about his concept is he uses his work to give back to the community, pay homage to others, and its eco-friendly! His work is definitely fresh and a representation of this era so check it out!


  1. Dunn is an incredibly talented, original and creative artist. My teenage son has Dunn's John Lennon bicycle sign bumper sticker on his car, and I fell in love with the Dalai Lama school sign. Check out his website!