Jan 27, 2011


No Pretend: First things first, please introduce yourself. Tell us where you’re originally from and where we can find you now?

Pato Paez: name is Pato Paez and I'm originally from Argentina. I live and work in New York. My studio is in Brooklyn.

No Pretend: At what age did you realize that you were talented and that “creating” is what you wanted to do?

Pato Paez:, I have no talent. Just a lot of nerve. Seriously, I always knew I wanted to be an artist.

No Pretend: When you think of the word “art”, what comes to your mind?

Pato Paez: Art is whatever you do that makes you feel complete. Whether it's cooking, painting, etc. Anything that would make you feel good when you step back and look at it (literally and figuratively) is my definition of ART.

No Pretend: What is your biggest motivation/inspiration when it comes to creating a new piece?

Pato Paez: I love color. It's what I know best. Probably, the only thing I know, really. If the color of a piece is right, the piece is right.

No Pretend: Are there any other artists in your family?

Pato Paez: There are. Most of them more talented than me, but none of them more passionate. I'm the only one who does it professionally.

No Pretend: Do you have a trademark style? Or preference in color scheme? If so, how did this style emerge?

Pato Paez: The more flamboyant the palette, the better. There's also one image almost always present in my work: Narcissus, the unborn baby in the womb.

No Pretend: Do you have an underlying message in your art?

Pato Paez: Embrace self indulgence and natural narcissism.

No Pretend: Can you describe your usual work atmosphere? What kind of setting helps you to focus the most?

Pato Paez: I work best when I'm alone. Even in collaborations, my part of the work has to be done when I'm alone. My studio is just a couple of blocks from where I live. I spend many hours in it, door locked, music on and usually a camera filming the process. I've been considering adding a live camera just to get people's feedback in real time.

No Pretend: As an artist, how do you feel your style has evolved?

Pato Paez: I think my work has become more focused, the palette and brush strokes less concerned with the final result. As my dear friend and mentor Larry Poons says "When you paint, you're trying to get away with murder. So just do it and if someone likes what you did then you have fooled them."

No Pretend: How do you think your art affects those around you?

Pato Paez: I like to provoke a reaction on the viewer. Whatever reaction that may be: joy, disgust, etc. If someone looks at a painting and says "I hate that fucking color," then I know I succeeded.

No Pretend: Are there any major projects or exhibits you’re working on for 2011?

Pato Paez: Yes. The first big project is an exhibition in New York City in collaboration with furniture designer Amir Dinkha. On the first floor of the gallery we'll show his new collection of reinterpreted furniture with hand-printed fabrics. The second floor will feature my newest collection of portraits: Narcissistic by Nature: Random Girls.

No Pretend: For those interested in your artwork and sales information, how can you be contacted?

Pato Paez: I'm a media whore. I love to talk to people. I'm on Twitter (@PatoPaez), Facebook and Tumblr. People can also email me at pato@patopaez.com even if just to talk shit about me.


  1. Hey, really nice interview. i'm glad to discover that artist I didn't now before :)
    Nice work, I really enjoy :)
    @ pato paez: Keep up the great work!

  2. I love the art of Pato Paez, love his colors, his awesome portraits, his flowers, his babies.... He is my absolute favourite artist, but he knows that already ;-), don't you, bro?