Mar 9, 2011


Either you got it or you don’t. Either you have a concept, a vision, talent, a passion to create…or you don’t. It may take years to come out, but at the end of the day, either you got it or you don’t. Just ask Virginia based artist Skele a.k.a. Electric Skeleton. This artist is fresh to the scene and he is driven by nothing more than his love for art. Whether through daunting creatures, contorted shapes, or vibrant color schemes, Skele’s work brings more to the imagination and takes you on a journey filled with exploration. His work captures a wide array of emotions, anything from sadness to humor, and with an evolutionary mindset his work is distinctive. And to think, for him it all started with a couple of colored pencils! Skele has participated in several art shows and charity events but when it all boils down, for this up and coming artist it’s not about the riches or the fame. He loves what he does and only wants to share his talents, spread his thoughts, and be recognized. Definitely support the Electric Skeleton by taking a look below at some of his work and of course by visiting his blog.

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  1. Thanks homie..appreciate the time put in..also get at me with your addy gunna ship you complementary box of greaties from the skele easy my dude and thanks again word up