Jun 16, 2010


The saying, “anything that can go wrong, will”, definitely reared its ugly head as its true meaning came to light tonight. The event, “Sounds like Paper” was supposed to be a free and fun concert by Paper magazine and Ray Ban that featured artists Drake, Hanson and Ninjasonik, but long before the night was over, all hell let loose. It all started with the assholes that seemed to have goals of ruining what was set to be a good show, to the faulty sound system, to the long wait time, and then an even longer sound check by Hanson. Not to mention, the doubts the fans had about the possibility of Drake actually even showing up was the icing on the cake. But let’s back it up real quick. In the beginning of the show, Dj. Roofeeo got on the turntables and got the crowd ready to rock with some banging tunes. Once the crowd was hyped and ready to see the show, Ninjasonik made their way to the stage to perform their latest hit, “Bars”. After that, the crowd was amped to see Drake come out, but he did not show. Consequently, a rush of viewers broke down railings which in turn started fights, pushing, and bottle throwing. Of course the show had to stop but the chaos continued as tables, chairs, and even more bottles began being thrown from the balcony of UNO’s . So what was the end result? Over a thousand disappointed fans. But still, much love goes out to Ninjasonik for doing their thing.


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