Aug 18, 2010


"COME OUT TO PLAY" is an art show curated by Randy Quiles - co-founder of Fresthetic based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is a tribute to The Warriors, the 1979 cult classic movie from Paramount Pictures. The iconic film serves as an unceremonious interpretation of the diverse collectives that make up Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. It is a reminder of the political, social, and economical adversity that each of the boroughs and the individuals within have faced. Brooklyn itself has seen many changes ranging from the gentrification of Williamsburg to the drastic reconstruction of Coney Island. For those that can remember, the Brooklyn we all knew and loved still continues to slip further away over the years no matter how closely we grip it to our chests. Very much like a Warrior we find ourselves stranded and forlorn amid the changes and adversity as we make every attempt to fight our way back to a Brooklyn we once knew…

September 10th - October 7th, Opening Reception on Friday, SEPTEMBER 10th from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

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